About (Letter Calling for a new Global Government)

Consciousness Based Social Organization – New Human rights based on consciousness shift needs – Global Governance from Prime Technology on Vimeo.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, aware of the abuse and violations of human rights, acts agains peace and sustainable global development, sustainability of life, and heritage; but also aware of the diversity of consciousness states of individuals, families, networks, organizations, associations, communities, within social, political, economy, industry, science, religion, technology and others, decided to create and suggest a global new government capable to engage into peace, communication, collaboration and mutual respect, between clusters of consciousness.

Luis suggest a new definition of territory, that one of a consciousness cluster, which does not imply a geo-location or digi-location limited territory; as actually the fact is that on earth consciousness based clusters live entagelt, as threats within threats, within each other.

While in ancient times, individuals that had experience consciousness shift could move “freely”between locations and reach regions and lands where other individuals with similar self-expression lived, in our modern times, the process of consciousness of great importance for the golden age of humanity is limited by citizenship laws, definitions of territory, property and passports.

While LUIS recognize the importance of the self organization and security of government or nation, it is mandatory, that the governments of the earth, of all networks, families, organizations, cultures, consciousness clusters, recognize each other as for their objective already experienced interaction, and define rules of mutual respect, peace and collaboration towards global consciousness shift.

In that sense, Luis did apply Prime Technology, and his knowledge on Prime Culture, and publish since 2015, documents that will help all clusters of consciousness to reflect on their own self organization and self management, and interaction with old format governments and political systems (still alive and applied by “nations”) and take responsibility in the field of peace, human rights, sustainability of life, heritage, and support and care for the global consciousness shift sustainability of its joyful grateful within love quality.

as for several cases of abuse of human rights based on consciousness have been taken place, and have been observed by Luis, these documents should be used for peace, and inspiration, motivation, to enter dialog, study and research, as for implementation of new laws, and new definition of government, nation, culture, citizens, and citizenship, as well as for integrating new set of rights within the human rights declaration that serve humanity to rise its consciousness globally and express itself culturally.

From the Point of view of LUIs, that one of Prime Self Union, union with the source of all that is, that one of the culture of the primes, a global change must take place soon, in order to avoid damage of cultures, heritage, consciousness shift in individuals, locations, families,organizations, governments, nations, and in order to care, protect the cultural expressions and natural developments of the members of already identified cultures, as for their rights to exist and coexist with other cultures globally.

In that sense, it is imperative, that governments of the world, global citizens, engage into a new vision, that belongs to the shift of consciousness facts, social change, individuals change, and peace, sustainability and harmony needed in our time.


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