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Prime Culture – 9th Continent Citizenship – International Announcement addressed to every one interested into Prime Culture

Prime Culture – 9th Continent Citizenship
Would you like to Become citizen of the 9th Continent, or join the Odin Theta Academy ? Or maybe collaborate with the Legacy Projects and Spiritual Funding Projects of LUIS ? We made it simple for you. From 2015.02.18 every one interested into training, projects and prime culture will be able to apply and become eligible as students, team member or project partner by joining the Cycle Zero & One. The 9th Continent close its doors in order to open a citizenship ID. Join us

  • 9th Continent – Prime Culture Development
  • Governance – Citizenship:
  • Governance – Integration Program:
  • Legacy Projects :
  • Odin Theta Academy:
  • Spiritual Funding Projects: