Territory (Declaration of independency & sovereignty)

The territory of the 9th continent is that one of its citizens and members

Ref: www.prime-land.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info

Quote: “The first land that own a citizen of the 9th Continent is own body ” – Odin Theta

The Land that belongs to the 9th Continent, the territory of the nation of the primes is the body of the primes, which is the soil for the self-expression of the prime culture.

Where ever they go, what ever they do, is an expression of the prime knowledge, prime wisdom, prime technology, prime culture.

As citizens of the 9th continent, living among networks, families, organizations, nations, governments, exo-governments, the members of the prime culture and citizens of the 9th Continent, declare themselves as free and independent within own territory.




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