International and Inter-cluster Consulates

Defined by the body of the citizens of the 9th Continent granted by this title or authority of representation.

Our Consuls offices might be found in the digital realm (digi-location) at stable or temporary geo-locations, or abroad traveling.

REF. Golden Belt 9 Dan, Green Belt 9 Dan Level of application of Prime Technology.

List of representatives, and addresses to be contacted, will be available for citizens of the 9th Continent only

Public List:

  • Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (Golden Belt 9th Dan), Global General Consul, with Diplomatic Responsibilities. Emissary of the 9th Continent Government.

Contact our main heart-quarted offices:

Passport and Citizenship application

Send a letter of application with a description of your self-granted prime self union state of consciousness or verification of the validity of certificates granted by the education and integration  program for immigrants to:


According to the inmigration laws at the 9th Continent, inmigrants with intention of citizenship, work, business, education, religious, artistic or sport activities in our land must apply for a VISA, as well as join an obligatory  integration program.


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